Wednesday, August 02, 2006

boo1 - Vlog

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how can I express in any form
of how I died a million times to come to you?
this moment, my dear fans,
just like every other moment,
unlike any other moment,
this moment,
I enpower you in your own image.
This body you are given
contain within the antitode of any poison
comes your way.

Just the other day,
tired of living with a heart carved by
thousands of blade,
instead of opening your gift
I took a romantic ride
with my suicidal soul.

yet this physical form of mine
just like a leaf
a billion times
to be this leaf in this season,
it is stubborn as usual
and refuse to give up its host.

so with the stars in my eye
and the silent music
I whispered in your ear,
dance with me,
the moment is here...