Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Rebirth of Dance

So let me play at the being of writing to express the passion behind this dance video blog.

In the spirit of an infant who danced for the very first time, dance is one of the most primal way of expressing oneself through movement of one's body.

Anyone can dance.
One does not require any "formal" training by other human or humans to express oneself.
Just like any form of art, any form of training is beneficial as long as you understand that is a form of expression of others. What you are learning through studying dance is a set of tools developed by others to express themselves. You can study other people's form of expression forever. We all know there is endless to learn, but can you dance sincerely?

To dance is to believe in the moment fully.
Let your body takes you to wherever it wants to go.
You go with it with faith and sincerity.
No fear from the mind, just flow...

Dance to the music or the silence contains the unmanifested music,
Dance to the air you and your lover share,
Dance to the water who found the rocks to be the waterfall
and the water who is still looking for a bed to be.
Dance when you feel the darkest, most painful, most disconnected from the world.
cause deep down you know your experience is not alone, such pain is shared by thousands and millions of others you have not yet met.

The dancer lives in the innermost heart of all of us.

What else can I say? It's your turn...